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oh also I wasn’t trying to publicly humiliate you, this blog is old. I was just tired of your shit and felt like someone needed to call you out lol

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starslord: Could you stop acting like you know anything about what happened? Honestly, if I had done something to deserve your harassment and attempts at public humiliation, I would just suffer through it because I deserved it. But I don't. I didn't cheat on Kevin and I'm really sick of all of you going around badmouthing me based on lies. Please, stop.

Okay first of all I don’t give a fuck about what happened between you and him. I don’t give a fuck whether or not you cheated on him because you got dumped and it should be fucking over but you’re the immature little bitch that keeps talking shit on my family over the internet. You say he’s immature but you’re the one that keeps blogging about it to try to keep it relevant. I don’t even have to know anything that happened to know that you aren’t the victim so just shut the fuck up, quit your job and stop talking to any of us. Thanks.

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s t a y a w a y f r o m m e

you are so gross and immature and i am so glad to be done with you. i sleep easy knowing that i never have to see you again. you’re a dick with a victim complex and i am infinitely happier without you! you are so negative and if i never saw you again, it would be too soon.

"take care", ya fuckin dick

Are you fucking kidding me? You are such a bitch and you need to stay the fuck away from my family. Quit the fucking job that Kevin got for you and stop talking shit over the internet like a little bitch. At least Kevin called you out so you can see. Just shut the fuck up, you are not at all the victim here. I’ve heard a lot about your mother and you sound just fucking like her.

Stop throwing the “immature” shit around because you’re acting like a fucking child. Oh, this isn’t high school anymore? Could have fucking fooled me. Nobody talks shit on my brother and mom and gets away with it.

This whole fucking family can sleep better knowing that we don’t have to deal with you anymore. So fuck off, go have fun with that asshole that you fucked over my brother with.

So take care, bitch.

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